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HP-202 Super Shelly vs Evil Woman


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Description of Super Shelly vs Evil Woman:

This is a hot video for all of you Superheroine fans! It stars Shelley (The "Burbank Bomber") as Super Shelly and our babe Hollywood as the sinister Evil Woman. What appears to start out as a clash between mere mortals becomes a throw down between two superheroine supervixens. Evil Woman calls Shelley up and reveals a plot to blow up a building and it involves her boyfriend Steve! So Shelley decides to turn into Super Shelly and she is soon confronted by Evil Woman.
The battle begins immediately as the psychotic Evil Woman chatters about her evil plot, and Super Shelly demands to know the whereabouts of the bomb...and her boyfriend! The two gorgeous grapplers deliver punishment back and forth as voluptuous bodies are punched, stomped, choked, and squeezed. As Super Shelly demands the identity of her foe, Evil Woman reveals she has a trick up her sleeve to aid her in relieving Super Shelly of her superpowers. Evil Woman unfolds her diabolical plot when she produces an hour glass, which will detonate the bomb when the sands quit flowing. Thus, the Blonde Bombshell has her work cut out for her in order to avoid impending doom for her victimized boyfriend. To make matters worse, Evil Woman produces a toxic substance and renders Super Shelly unconscious and devoid of her superpowers.
As Evil Woman makes her getaway plans, she relaxes and falls asleep reading. However, Super Shelly awakens and surprises the scantily clad perpetrator of evil. Super Shelly proceeds with a vengeance to work over Evil Woman's perfect body as she chokes and pounds away in an effort to elicit information. In spite of the damage reigning down upon her, Evil Woman is not prepared to give up easily and counter attacks to deliver her own style of damage. Smothers, scissors, punches, stomps, rakes are all used as the superheroines battle to gain advantage. For you k.o. fans, the deliriously insane Evil Woman repeatedly uses her secret weapon to render the vivacious Super Shelly unconscious.
As Super Shelly is able to recover, she holds Evil Woman accountable for her actions and works her hard body over as she demands the location of the bomb. But in spite of Evil Woman's weak and degenerate mind, her sexy body is strong and able to withstand the onslaught and she gives up nothing. AND...time is running out !!! Will Super Shelly extract the info she needs? Or will Evil Woman win the battle and walk with the Boyfriend? Get this hot video and find out !!!


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