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HP-608 Curvaceous Crusaders




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Description of HP-608:


Scene 1

In hot pursuit of the evil henchman Elwood, Wonder Womyn played by Hollywood and Wonder Gyrl played by Capri enter a house that Elwood ducked into as he seeks to evade justice. They split up to track him down and Wonder Womyn encounters him first. The battle is on and Wonder Womyn soon gains the upper hand when Elwood manages to immobilize her with a paralysis ray. Now his prisoner and chained to the wall, Wonder Womyn is used as bait to lure her partner into the same trap. Will Wonder Gyrl suffer the same fate? Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gyrl continue their search for Elwood and encounter him in another room. After a fierce battle Elwood once again is severely thrashed by the two sexy superheroines and is laid out on the bed. With their usual overconfidence they taunt him before he turns the tables on them, this time shocking both of them with a compact lightning rod touch to their feet. This time it’s the heroines’ turn to fall to the floor, where Elwood proceeds to bind them hand and foot before exiting momentarily to get instructions from his boss.


Scene 2

When Elwood returns WW & WG attempt to trick him so they can get his knife and free themselves from their bonds. Will our curvaceous captives succeed or will they remain his helpless prisoners to suffer some nefarious fate as dictated by the boss? Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gyrl pursue Elwood into another room. Unbeknownst to them he is lying in wait, ready to ambush them with a dart gun. As they look around the room he manages to shoot each one of them in the butt with a knock-out dart. The sultry superheroines wake up bound to chairs while Elwoodproceeds to taunt them and explains that his boss decided the best way to get rid of them once and for all would be to blow up the building and them with it. Before bidding them adieu he activates the two miniature bombs strapped to their boots as the heroines struggle furiously to break free of their bonds. Will our curvy crime fighters escape or will they be blown sky-high? Get this hot video and find out!


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