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HP-392 Wonder Womyn vs Decay & The Lecherous Lawyer

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Decay & The Lecherous Lawyer:

The Lecherous Lawyer resumes his abduction of our glorious superheroine and has Wonder Womyn tied to a chair and he puts her out with a tainted Cloth. Being the coward that he is, he now recruits the evil vixen Decay fro his dirtywork.
The two evildoers tape record Wonder Womyn with her Lasso wrapped around her chest and force her to confess that she used illegal means to apprehend and force confessions out of all of the
criminals she has captured.They plan to deliver the tape to a Judge, hence causing a mass exodus of criminals which Wonder Womyn has sent away.
Decay decides to have some fun with the SuperHeroine. Poor Wonder Womyn is subjected to a vicious beatdown! Decay uses nasty stomps, kicks , punches, and other nasty attacks to curb the enthusiasm of the once powerful superheroine. Wonder Womyn reels in pain as Decay pours it on. And just when it looks like Wonder Womyn has reached the end of the road, and cannot handle anymore, Decay summons the aid of the low life Lecherous Lawyer. Now poor Wonder Womyn is subjected to a merciless 2 on 1 beatdown by the super hot Decay and the bumbling and nasty Lawyer. Does Wonder Womyn break free and prevail over the devilish duo? Or does Decay and The Lecherous Lawyer bring about an end to the reign of our fair city's superheroine? Get this vid and find out!!!


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