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HP-718 Wonder Womyn vs The Clone




TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Clone Complete VideoCOST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-718:

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the Commissioner about an Evil villainess Jewell thief who has been stealing precious gems but will clone herself in order to get the jewels for herself. Our sexy superheroine enters the building looking for the expensive stones but is surprised by A tight black leather clad Goldie or is it a Clone? They go back-and-forth in a catfight with punches and kicks to the belly, wonder womyn gets the upper hand first and Ko's the villain . Wonder Womyn begins her second search, again she is surprised by Goldie or is it the second clone? Another fight ensues with wonder womyn defeating Goldie? Or her evil Clone? As Wonder Womyn searches desperately for the gems a third clone attacks her. Wonder Womyn has no choice but to engage the clone into  another fierce fight, more punches, kicking, and chokes are applied to the ruthless villain, Wonder Womyn schoolgirl pins her, grapevines her, smothers her with her strong hands, then Ko's the clone with a face sit! The superheroine thinks she's out for good this time when she is surprised attacked by another clone this goes back and forth, until one of these ladies succumbs and is hogtied and left for pick up. Which one will it be? The dark forces of evil? Or our sweet American glory girl? Get this hot download and find out!!!


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