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HP-682 Wonder Womyn in "Squashed Superheroine"




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Description of HP-682:

WW has been on a roll lately! She has been busting bad guys all over the place. Feeling great, and kicking some ass!! She gets a call to go over to where this notorious evil do-er is, (played by Darius) They say this evil do-er has something that could hurt a lot of people. WW speeds to the scene! She looks around, and doesn't see anyone. When all of a sudden, the realization comes that this place is filled with some sort of sleepy gas, and it is causing WW's head to spin. She makes her way out the door for some fresh air, when BAM!. She is knocked out from something striking her from behind. She goes down in a heap, and the evil do-er is behind her. The villain knows that most of WW's power comes from her belt, but they want to humiliate her! He strips her of all her WW clothes, and leaves her in her in a small top and bottom... The gas is seeping into WW, but has no effect against the evil do-er. WW is pretty much lifeless, and just an over-sized punching bag. She can't defend herself. She can barely stand. She is out on her feet. The evil bad guy  is delighted by this, and begins to pummel poor WW. All WW can do, is twitch, and convulse from the punches. Small gasps escape her, as she is knocked out repeatedly. Finally, she is put out of her misery, and knocked out for good. She lays helpless on the floor. The evil villain begins to walk away, when he stops and looks over at the lifeless form of WW. He laughs maniacally, heads back and pummels her some more. Get This hot video if you're into one sided beat downs!!!


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