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hhhhHP-070 Wonder Womyn vs The Naughty Nurse



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Naughty Nurse Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Naughty Nurse Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Naughty Nurse Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Naughty Nurse Full Video COST: 30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-070:

The lovely Holly is headed for a routine check up at the doctors office. However, with her dilly dallying around on the way there, stopping to smell every flower along the way, it makes her quite late for her appointment. By doing this, and having a very Naughty Nurse impatiently waiting for her, this routine check up, becomes quite unroutine! With the doctor giving up on Holly showing up, it just leaves the Naughty Nurse there, to give Holly her exam, and the Naughty Nurse is not thrilled about this at all, and vents her frustrations on the lovely Holly. Verbal abuse comes first, but doesn't last long, as she then physically abuses Holly, using the most primitive forms of medical procedures on her, and without a doubt the most painful new form of a mammogram imaginable! Holly is sweet and innocent, and tries to stay nice, but when the nurse goes too far in beating her up, then strapping on some latex gloves to do what she calls a thorough exam on Holly, she can't take the abusive nurse any longer.
She warns her to stop, so she doesn't make her mad, but nothing is going to stop this nurses actions.....except one thing! That one thing is Wonder Womyn! Yes the lovely Holly transforms into Wonder Womyn, and then takes the battle to the Naughty Nurse! The nurse is no wimp, and a wild battle breaks out between these two. Wonder Womyn's powers are too much for the nurse though, and things really go WW's way for a while. However, once stripped of her belt, it becomes mortal vs. mortal. Can Wonder Womyn get her belt, and powers back to teach this Naughty Nurse a lesson? Time will tell when you watch this epic episode unravel!


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