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HP-572 Dark Angel "Caught In The Crosshairs"



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Description of HP-572:

Dead to Rights! Prowling one of the known safe houses of a local bandito, the lady rogue, Dark Angel (Hollywood), is looking to pocket the purse of a recent heist. Reconnoitering the residence, she suddenly finds herself caught in the crosshairs of an unseen assailant, who’s set his sights on deterring her! Exposed and under fire, the ambitious embezzler aims to find her way across open ground and sparse cover. Yet, with each determined step, she’s targeted to be taken down! There’s no concealment, no shelter that the mysterious marksman can’t get a bead on the bodacious burglar! Wounded, weary, with her back against the wall (literally!), Dark Angel gains headway into the homestead. But, this is no safe haven, as the fetching filcher soon discovers!


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