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hhhhHP-973 Hollywood in "Wonder Booty"




TITLE: Hollywood in "Wonder Booty" Full Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-973:

If you enjoy Hollywood as Wonder Womyn, and you have an appreciation for that fine booty of hers, you will LOVE this video! Hollywood is seated and dolling herself up in her Wonder Womyn costume. She is listening to music and humming along, when she changes songs and gets into it! Wonder Womyn shows off that sexy booty of hers as she dances seductively for you! Let's get serious!!! Wonder Womyn moves, grinds, and puts it on all for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and enjoy as you are drawn in by a sexy temptress as she showcases the object of your desire! Wonder Womyn slaps that booty and invites you to enter your dreamworld!!! A must for the purveyor of Hollywood's Wonder Womyn videos!!!


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