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HP-412 Wonder Womyn vs The Farmer's Daughter


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Farmer's Daughter:

As usual, a call from the Commissioner informing Wonder Womyn that an area
farmer is lacing his produce with toxins begins this adventure. Wonder
Womyn  can not believe it but agrees to go and check it out. When Wonder
Womyn enters the farm house it seems the farmer's daughter a surprise in
store for our heroine. She hides behind a door, when Wonder Womyn enters,
she knocks her out. While Wonder Womyn lies helpless on the sofa, the
farmer's daughter calls her father for advice. He advices her to remove her
boots and belt, then lace some apples with toxins for their guest. While
Wonder Womyn is unconscious, the farmer's daughter ties her to a chair. She
tries to force Wonder Womyn to eat the toxic apples. But when Wonder Womyn
refuses, the farmer's daughter storms out of the room. While she is gone,
Wonder Womyn unties the ropes and gets up. When the farmer's daughter
returns, the fight is on. It is a back and forth battle since Wonder Womyn
doesn't have her boots or belt. The farmer's daughter isn't as naive as she
sounds and knows many wrestling holds. It is two sexy athletic girls using
body punches, leg scissors, arm bars, leg kicks and many other wrestling
holds on each other. Finally after quite a struggle Wonder Womyn places the
farmer's daughter in a very painful camel clutch. After Wonder Womyn
threatens to break her back, the farmer's daughter gives up. But when
Wonder Womyn lets her up and goes to get a rope. But the farmer's daughter
isn't ready to surrender. The tricky girl grabs a large candle and when
Wonder Womyn turns her back, she slams her in the back of the head with it.
As Wonder Womyn lies moaning and helpless on the ground, the farmer's
daughter gets the toxic apples. She sits on Wonder Womyn and forces her to
take a bite out of the apple. Will the toxic apple be the end of Wonder
Womyn? Has our gorgeous heroine taken enough bites of the apple to finally
finish her off? Or will she recover in time to finally send the farmer's
daughter off to jail?



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