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HP-641 Wonder Womyn vs The Drug Dealer




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Description of HP-641:

This video introduces newcomer SINDY to Hollywouldproductions.com
Undercover Wonder Womyn has been hired as  a maid to clean up an office that may be dealing illegal substances. While cleaning up she discovers a tainted bag of drugs, Her suspicions were correct this woman is definitely a drug peddler. The woman confronts Holly and the battle begins! As the undercover superheroine punches the villain the villain goes down and Hollywood is able to turn into wonder womyn ,dressed in her 2 piece patriotic bikini and power belt and boots she goes after this feisty dirty blonde!  hold after hold, scissor after scissor, punch after punch, finally WW captures Sindy in a camel clutch, she confronts Sindy that's she's just a glorified Drug Dealer... Sindy escapes and gets some cheap shots in on our SuperHeroine . Including a sleeper hold that nearly puts WW out. Sindy punches and scissors WW and finally gets in a devastating face sit which further weakens her, but Sindy is not done , she pulls out yet another dirty trick , a tainted soiled cloth! WW is now out cold! She then takes off WW's power belt, Calls the police and tells them that it was WW who was caught stashing drugs in the villains home. Now it's WW who will be going to jail not her. Next scene opens WW is now out of jail and is going back to the scene of the crime to look for her power belt . Sindy comes in and surprises WW she asks WW how she enjoyed Jail and did she get the VIP treatment? This further irritates the now powerless superheroine. The sexy villian puts a beating on WW, she even asks her to worship her feet, which she does.. The evil girl takes
Wonder womyns lasso and starts whipping her over and over with it. WW is down but not quite out. Sindy leaves the room. WW gets up , finds her belt and puts it back on. this time she has her full power and is ready for revenge or so she thinks...Get this hot video to see which one of these hot ladies prevail!!!


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