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HP-294 Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Nylon Vixen:

The Nylon Vixen (played by the sultry Francesca ) is on the prowl once
again, looking for a new girl to capture and sell into her twisted
menagerie of white slavery. The Vixen comes upon the home of the
lovely Hollywood, and sets an ambush for the unlucky beauty. Knocking
on Hollywood's door, the Nylon Vixen waits for the perfect moment to
to strike, and strike she does! Poor Hollywood is subdued from
behind, and quickly rendered unconscious. Carried inside, the Vixen
gets to work on her latest victim. Admiring Hollywoods luscious body,
the Vixen decides to "taste the goods," as she begins to fondle and
worship Hollywood's nylon feet. Hollywood, unbeknownst to the Nylon
Vixen, is actually the alter-ego of Wonder Womyn. Waking up,
Hollywood quickly transforms into everyone's favorite heroine, Wonder

What occurs next is a back and forth battle between Wonder Womyn and
the Nylon Vixen! Both try to gain the advantage, but soon the Vixen
is able to remove Wonder Womyn's magic belt, rendering her a mere
mortal woman! Thus the Vixen is able to use her cheating ways to
weaken Wonder Womyn, and finally puts her in dreamland via a
dampened rag. With Wonder Womyn forced into a magically -induced
slumber, the Vixen quickly takes advantage of the situation and ties
up the lovely crusader of justice, leaving her to dream.

Shortly later, it appears Wonder Womyn has woken up from her forced
nap, and realizes she's been tied up! Struggling with the ropes,
she's able to get free, but is soon discovered by the returning Nylon
Vixen! Yet another see-saw battle ensues, with both combatants
trading blows and holds, until the Vixen is able to use her special
tactic, the dreaded nylon foot face smother! Smothering the lovely
Wonder Womyn's face with her feet, the Vixen is able to put the
heroine into dreamland once more. Realizing her earlier mistake, The
Vixen secures our favorite heroine to a chair. Slapping Wonder Womyn
awake, the Vixen softens up her prey with belly punches, and finally
chloroforms her to sleep, before departing to finish up some business.

Returning to check on her latest catch, the Vixen begins to pack up.
Lo and behold, it appears Wonder Womyn is awake, and not only that,
she's able to free herself from her bonds! Catching the Vixen
off-guard from behind, Wonder Womyn attacks the evil-doer with a fury!
Getting the Vixen down on the ground, Wonder Womyn give the
nylon-clad villainess some payback in a form of her own version of a
foot smother knockout! Satisfied that the Vixen has been vanquished,
Wonder Womyn calls the commissioner to report the criminal. But what
is this!?! It appears the Vixen was only playing possum! From
behind, the Vixen tears into Wonder Womyn, with belly punches,
tortuous leg holds, and other painful moves until she has our heroine
at her mercy. With a final humiliating foot smother, it appears
Wonder Womyn has been defeated. Calling a potential white slave
buyer, the Vixen confirms her latest catch as the mighty Wonder Womyn!
We end with the Nylon Vixen dragging the defeated heroine out of her
home, to an unknown fate. What will happen to our lovely heroine?
Will she be sold as a white slave? And if so, to whom? Answers to
these questions will soon be revealed....STAY TUNED!



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