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HP-666 Wonder Womyn vs Blacknight



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Blacknight Complete COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES





Description of HP-666:

Blacknight ( played by Jennifer Thomas ) has been hired to take out Wonder Womyn  with a large payday in hand! she is well schooled on Wonder Womyn's ability and has trained for this mission. And unsuspecting Wonder Womyn is ambushed and severely tested but appears to defuse her dilemma, however a momentary lack of focus could be deadly for her. Wonder Womyn is punched in the belly and face several times! She is electrically shocked,  black jacked, KO'd with knockout drops and tainted powder. Our superheroine is forced to take off her belt. And with that blacknight delivers a big punch combination to wonder womyn's chin sending her down but not out. The villain pulls out a tainted clock and forcefully holds it down on Wonder Womyn's face. If you are looking for a one sided beat down and I do mean a beat down then you will definitely dig this clip!


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