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HP-069 Superheroines Collide

Wonder Womyn vs American Pie


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Description of Superheroines Collide:

The evil Dr. Doom is one of the most powerful villains around. His power is derived from his incredible mind control abilities that are so powerful that even the greatest heroines on earth are not immune to its effects. Unfortunately for Dr. Doom, mind control was not enough to achieve his goal
of total global domination. There were two things standing in his way, American Pie & Wonder Womyn,  and even though he could play  mind games with them, it was not enough to defeat them both, nor could he turn them  to the dark side. He did, however, have a plan to do away with one of these pesky heroines, and he had two people in mind to do the job... American Pie & Wonder Womyn

The two beautiful heroines meet, and begin accusing one another of being members of the dark side, and threaten to expose each others dark secrets to the world.

Neither likes what she hears, and from there a wild battle, exposing both their super powers begins. Dr. Doom has to be loving seeing his evil plan unfold perfectly, as these two are intent on finishing off the other for good, and if it goes all the way to his plan, they both finish each other off for good! With both having super powers, it's quite clear that they can certainly dish out punishment, as well as take it. Something has to give here, as their powers seem to be equal. Knowing each other well, they know the others weakness, and begin to expose it. First American Pie strips Wonder Womyn of her golden power belt, making her a mere mortal, and begins to trounce her! 

After getting worked over big time, Wonder Womyn is some how able to regain her bearings, and get her belt back. Now it's her turn to expose American Pie's weakness, which is Kyriptonite!

The Kyrptonite quickly weakens American Pie, and she's then left at the mercy of Wonder Womyn!

You'd never know from the way these two battle it out, that they are good girls. They fight with a furious nature, and fully intend to finish the other off permanently!

This one is loaded with hard hitting punches to the face and belly. Lots of intense face sitting, knockouts, and all out great fighting action.

You'll have to watch this one unfold, to see which beauty can out do the other in this intense battle of super heroines, it's a classic!



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