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HP-638 Wonder Womyn Sold




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Sold Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Sold Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Sold Complete COST: 30 TOKENS

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Description of HP-638:

Following the events of HP-489 wonder womyn enslaved, Wonder womyn was able to escape the clutches of Afrika before being delivered to her buyer, a wealthy sheik in the middle east. In the ensuing two years, wonder womyn has returned to her crime fighting ways and has put the incident behind her. However, the sheik does not want to give up on his "prize" so easily.  Adriana played by Roxi has been hired by the sheik to recapture wonder womyn and send her to him. Adriana has set up an elaborate scheme whereby wonder woman has been contacted to get creative guidance to a movie about her and her crime fighting ways. Our story begins with wonder womyn arriving for what she believes is a training session with Adriana. Wonder womyn walks in and is greeted by Adriana who introduces yourself and explains that she is looking to understand about wonder womyn and her wrestling moves. Wonder womyn is excited to help and says that she should remove her boots and belt before they began to make it a fair session. Wonder womyn shows Adriana several moves such as the Boston crab, surfboard, sleeper hold. Wonder woman let's Adriana try them on her but when Adriana goes to apply the sleeper hold she applies a tainted cloth  to wonder woman's face and partially knocks her out. She then puts wonder womyns lasso around her body and asks  wonder woman to tell her how to take her prisoner.
Adriana fully KOs wonder womyn. In Scene 2 Wonder Womyn wakes up in the Princess Leia slave outfit and is tied to a chair.  Adriana is wearing wonder womyns outfit and power belt. Wonder womyn is powerless Without her belt. Adriana delivers a severe beating with gut punches crotch shots, Full Nelsons, surfboards, backbreakers camel clutch, Boston crabs bow and arrows , and various holds designed to stretch wonder woman to the brink! Does our super heroine turn back into wonder womyn and take Adriana in or is she KO'd, tied up and delivered to The Sheik?
Watch this video and see!


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