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HP-700 The Misadventures of SH Robyn

The Maid vs Robyn





TITLE: The Maid vs Robyn Complete COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-700:

This video starts out with the maid (Skylar Rayne) knocking on the door ....seeing that nobody has answered she goes in and starts cleaning up the room, she heads for the bed and finds a woman played by Hollywood aka SuperHeroine Robyn still sleeping inside it. the superheroine is startled and gets very upset when the maid disturbs her. The maid claims that it's checkout time! And it's time for the superheroine to get out.  Robyn replies  it is two minutes before noon!! I still have time. What follows is a catfight/brawl, hair pulling, belly punches, schoolboy pins, scissors are among the holds these two will do to each other , leaving one girl KO'd for the hotel to pick up the left over trash!


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