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HP-738 Wonder Womyn & Supergryl in "The Collectors"




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Description of HP-738:

This video is in 2 parts. starts with SuperGryl getting info on her phone about Wonder Womyn being captured, she watches the video on her cell phone... Cut to Part 1.

"What's Yours, Is There's! Following an anonymous tip to a safe-house notorious for criminal activity, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) quickly discovers she's been duped — by a blow to the back of her head! Dazed and bewildered, our heroine has barely enough time to recover from the cowardly attack when the unknown assailant viciously assaults her with a furious flurry of punches, kicks, and chokes, leaving the Maiden of Might out for the count! But, the dastardly deception was only the beginning, for there’s method to this malicious malcontent’s madness — he’s the ‘Pack Rat’, a member of the secretive cabal, The Collectors - and he’s been itching to add WW’s magical accoutrements to their ever-growing hoard! But, out of all the trinkets he's burgled into his bountiful bag of tricks, his most coveted prize is — Wonder Womyn, herself! And, the violation doesn’t end there — for the pernicious purloiner plans on flaunting his recently bagged (and trussed up) trophy for all the world to see on The Collectors' social media site! Click “Like” if you want to see more torments!"

Part 2- HP-738 – “The Coveted”

Wonder Womyn is missing, and the Maiden of Might is on the case! When a cryptic message surfaces pertaining to WW’s MIA status at the hands of the secretive cabal, The Collectors, Supergyrl (Hollywood) races to the scene of the purported crime. Desperate for clues to the alleged kidnapping (and the perpetrator), she scans the room, but her super-senses betray her — the walls are lined with lead! Too late, she discovers, it’s a trap! The Girl of Steel has barely enough time to react, when her captor surfaces — a member of The Collectors — holding the proof she’s been searching for: Wonder Womyn’s Magic Lasso! But, the revelation provides little solace for Supergyrl, as the nefarious nemesis quickly wields a weapon primed specifically for her — a Kryptonite Stunner! A single blast staggers our heroine…a second drops her to her knees, in agony…a third brings her to the brink of consciousness! Now, dazed, bound, and at the mercy of her hooded tormentor, Supergyrl can only watch in horror as she becomes The Collectors’ latest prize — and conquest — as her utter humiliation is posted online for all the world to witness!


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