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TITLE: Black Cat Beatdown Part 1 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: Black Cat Beatdown Part 2 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: Black Cat Beatdown Complete COST: 20 TOKENS 20:39 MINUTES

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Description of HP-840:

The Black Cat, International Jewel Thief, played by Hollywood, is searching for a large gem that will be the final heist of her storied  career.  The sexy thief enters the room wearing an super tight animal print dress and black heels.  She begins her search for the gem, but is soon attacked by a masked man and immediately knocked unconscious with a sleeper hold.  The masked man is charged with guarding the precious gem stone and he will do anything to stop it from being stolen.  Our anti-heroine doesn't get much of a rest, because the man stomps on her stomach and rudely awakens her.  The beat down is on!!  The poor "soon to be retired" master thief is subjected to a beat down like no other.  She is subjected to tons of belly punches, as well as back breakers, bear hugs, surfboards, the torture rack, multiple knock-outs, choke holds, a body slam and much, much more!  During the beat down, she is stripped out of her dress to reveal a bikini bottom and sexy lace top.  The villain is absolutely vicious in his beat down of the Black Cat.  Does the struggling sexy thief survive the beat down to make it to retirement?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!




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