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HP-708 Wonder Womyn in "The Foot Worshipper"




TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "The Foot Worshipper" Complete Video COST: $14 ~ 14 MINUTES




Description of HP-708:

Wonder Womyn  gets a call about a jewelry thief that is local in the area. She slowly enters the The premises and is looking for clues, she finds some jewelry so she knows he's close by. All of a sudden she hears the sound of gas and she is correct it's sleepy gas she tries to escape but all the doors are locked, Wonder Womyn  is ko'd by the tainted aroma. When she wakes she notices that her power belt has been removed. She tries to leave but cannot get out! The gas starts back up again wonder womyn struggles but to no avail passes out quickly, while she is out the villain returns and this time decides to take one of wonder womyn's boots and starts fondling her perfect nylon feet. She wakes up a third time and finds her boot missing. Again she is interrupted by the sleepy gas and goes out, The villain returns and takes off her second boot going after his fetish he fondles her feet,  smells her boots and takes his time caressing them. If you're into KOs and feet are your fetish, then this is the video for you!!!


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