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HP-445 Wonder Womyn in "The Mission "

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Description of : HP-445 Wonder Womyn In "The Mission "

We open up on commando reviewing files of WW. In it is her picture, her weakness and her strengths!
He moves to the next page It reads keys to a successful mission.
He makes a phone call to his boss and says everything is in place, Im ready for WW.
WW enters the premise and confronts The Commando, he gives a few punches to try and bring her down, WW quickly takes over and puts him in a headlock but while doing so he manages to get her belt off!
The Commando physically controls and dominates the fight and knocks our lovely Superheroine all over the room. Once she is unconscious he retrieves her boots, bracelets and belt as requested and puts them in a duffel bag he brought with him. He makes another call to the boss and sets up his laptop with a web cam to prove he has WW in his possession. The boss tells him to soften her up some more and leave her tied up and Ko'd before he gets there. So Commando does just that ,he gives WW another beating she'll never forget.
He then takes out a magic cloth and Ko's her again leaving her limp body still.
Does WW wake up and beat the commando and his nemesis or does she lay there lifeless not knowing when or where she'll wake up? Get this download and find out!

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