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HP-695 Slave Wonder Womyn - Evil Wonder Womyn Arises



TITLE: Slave Wonder Womyn - Evil Wonder Womyn Arises Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-695:

This video starts from the end of HP-694 for the hard master has asked Wonder Womyn to change into a silver bikini we see her cleaning his house  and she is not very happy at all Hard master enters and yells slave are you complaining again she replies no master. He asked her to sit on his lap. He slips a silver lasso around her neck and says this will compel you to tell the truth! He asks how can you best serve evil? She replies if she is knocked out three times that she can be commanded to serve evil! So he decides to test that theory. He demands she assumes the slave position, which is her on her knees. from here on out it is a complete beat down by the hard master. Belly punches, kicks to the stomach, arm bars, full nelsons, bear hugs, stomps and leg holds, chokes and sleeper holds with KOs. After the beat down he throws down a costume for her to change into. She spins into a brand-new character "Evil Wonder Womyn" dressed in silver and black complete with armbands boots and belt! Together these two evil characters are conjuring up their next plan. Will Wonder Womyn continue to be a villain or will she spin back into the super heroine that we all know and love? Get this video and find out!!



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