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HP-368 In Search Of The Kijoka Talisman

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Video is approx. 10 3/4 minutes long , 54 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of In Search Of The Kijoka Talisman:


At the behest of an ambassador from the African Union, Wonder Womyn is sent on a covert mission to uncover the whereabouts of the “Kijoka Talisman” — an archaic relic from a primeval cult of Damballah (“Serpent God”) thought lost to the ages — which has surreptitiously resurfaced through the trade channels of Congo ’s notorious black market. Via a tip by a mysterious benefactor, Wonder Womyn’s search leads her to the hideaway of a petty thief rumored to have purloined the talisman from a village mosque. Stealthily entering and frantically searching the vacant premises for clues, our intrepid heroine stumbles upon the elusive fetish perched, fortuitously enough, in plain sight. Jubilant about her good fortune, Wonder Womyn reaches out to retrieve it…but, her elation turns to horror as the malevolent, dark forces festering within the ancient artifact lash out, unleashing a savage, supernatural assault upon the amazing Amazon that threatens to crush the very life from her!


Co-produced by Hollywould and Todd A. Kaylor, “In Search of the Kijoka Talisman” serves as the thrilling prequel/teaser to the upcoming “Wonder Womyn Vs. Witchy Woman,” starring Scream Queen sensation Brinke Stevens as the hex-casting harlot!


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