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HP-571 Wonder Womyn vs The Fear Monger



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Description of HP-571:

He Knows What Scares You! Following in the wake of the events played out in "Den of the Spider Queen" [HP-464], Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) awakens to a startling discovery - she's enveloped in a viscous cocoon of webbing! Still dazed from the debilitating effects of the monstrous spider’s paralyzing poison, our Amazing Amazon frantically struggles to escape, rending and clawing at the sticky filaments. Yet, as our heroine tears free of her entanglements, a shadowy figure stalks silently behind her, lashing a massive chain around her neck, choking her! Shocked by the brazen assault, WW stumbles back, gasping, clutching at the manacled noose, flailing desperately to pry it away — but, to no avail, as the links draw tighter, dragging her into unconsciousness! Later, stirring groggily, Wonder Womyn rouses from her stupor — prone and bound in chains! Dazed but determined, she struggles to loosen her binds, oblivious to the sinister menace methodically looming over her — The Fear Monger! Hired by the Black Widow to deal with the Amazonian interloper, this devilish deviant delights in dishing out dread, and what better way to test his fear-inducing toxin than on a bound (and notably defiant) super-heroine. Thus, the frightful fun begins! With but a caress of the Female Fury’s exposed skin, the delusional effects of the baneful bogeyman’s hallucinogen assails WW’s mind, seizing her in a steely vice of pain and paranoia! Drinking in the horror, Fear Monger continues to taunt and gloat over his captive, even relieving Wonder Womyn of her Belt of Power and dignity, for good measure. Proving too much even for a warrior-born to long endure, Wonder Womyn ultimately succumbs to the blitzkrieg thrust upon her battered senses. But, her torments have only just begun!


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