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HP-427 Wonder Womyn vs Annie Oakley

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Annie Oakley:

Wonder Womyn is on the phone with the commissioner. It seems there is a
cowgirl (Annie Oakley) played by Nicole O using a pistol to rob people and he asks Wonder Womyn to look into it. What she finds is a girl with a gun belt, pointing a
pistol at some girls demanding that they throw down their wallets and car
keys. Annie Oakley looks super hot in low riding skin tight blue jeans, sexy arm length gloves and a tiny black string bikini top.
Wonder Womyn  sneaks up behind Annie, knocking the
gun out of her hand. Annie has never seen or heard of Wonder Womyn so she
thinks she can beat her up without the gun. She quickly discovers the error
of her ways as Wonder Womyn knocks her to the ground. She still doesn't
believe it, gets up and once again charges Wonder Womyn. This time she does
a little better, lands a couple of punches before getting knocked out.
Wonder Womyn rudely awakens Annie with a punch to the stomach and proceeds
to quickly KO the cowgirl once more. Not finished with her, Wonder Womyn
once more punches the helpless Annie and proceeds to use her as a punching
knocking her out cold on her back. Finally satisfied Annie has had
enough, Wonder Womyn ties the sexy cowgirl up before heading outside to
check on Annie's earlier victims. Meanwhile, Annie wakes up, wiggles free,
grabs her gun, and heads out after Wonder Womyn thinking a couple of
bullets will end this. But when Annie shoots at Wonder Womyn, to her utter
amazement, Wonder Womyn is able to deflect each bullet with her "magic
bracelets". Wonder Womyn, with a couple of punches, knocks Annie out. She
then over the shoulder carries Annie into the house. Once inside, she
removes Annie's gun belt, and goes to look for her cell phone to call the
police and a rope to retie Annie. While she is gone, Annie wakes up, grabs
the gun and waits by the door. When Wonder Womyn returns, Annie hits her
hard with the butt of the gun, sending the unsuspecting Super Heroine to
the floor. Now Annie a distinct advantage and is able to throw Wonder Womyn
around the room, putting a "western" style hurting on her. Will Wonder
Womyn recover in time to defeat the evil cowgirl? Or will Annie wear her
down enough so a bullet will actually work? This is a great video for
anyone that likes a little western action. Wonder Womyn meets the old west.

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