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HP-744 Wonder Womyn vs The School Girl Bully



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The School Girl Bully Complete Video COST: $21 ~ 21 MINUTES




Description of HP-744:

Wonder Womyn is undercover  (dressed in a school girl costume) she's  outside a house. Her cell phone rings  "Yes commissioner, Im going to take care of that high school bully who's been giving you all this trouble. Im dressed for the part and she wont suspect a thing". Wonder Womyn enters the house to confront the high school bully played by Francesca ,who is dressed in her own schoolgirl outfit. Wonder Womyn confronts the bully and they get into a catfight! wonder womyn starts to dominate then the sexy bully takes over. Kicks  punches, stomps, Scissors, HOM and more are all in the bully's repertoire of holds. The bad schoolgirl finds out about Wonder Womyn's lasso and power belt. She asks "How can I take away your powers and make you helpless?" And we all know what happens when the lasso is wrapped around Wonder Womyn's chest! At one point The Bully forces Wonder Womyn to take off her shirt and her skirt leaving her in her white bra and underclothes! Get this hot video now with 2 of the best girls in the biz!!



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