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HP-511 Wonder Womyn in "The Crime Spree "

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Description of HP-504 Wonder Womyn in "The Crime Spree ":

Hollywood returns home after an awful date. She is wearing a short black dress and heels.As she talks about how bad her night was she looks around the room and says“something’s wrong here….looks like there’s an intruder in the house”She calls out: “Come on out” The Robber Played by (Robin) emerges from inside the house. Robin is wearing a black bikini, black leather shorts and black leather high heeled boots. She has black leather gloves that are elbow length and is looking super hot! Robin says “You caught me in the act. I’m really sorry for stealing from you. I lost my job….I don’t have anything at home... times are tough….please don’t turn me in to the cops” Holly feels sorry for the robber but says she still must call the cops, as Holly turns The Robber hits her over the head with the butt of her gun, Holly is KO'd out. When Holly wakes up she says "That bitch is going to pay This is a job for Wonder Woman" She spins and is transformed into WW. Robin walks back in. She is stunned to see Wonder Womyn and says “Wonder Womyn, what are you doing here?” Wonder Womyn replies "I'm here to make sure that justice is served. You can’t break into people’s houses and rob them". Robiin doesn't argue and surrenders.She puts her hands up but before WW can react she grabs the gun and fires at WW. WW uses her bracelets to deflect the bullets.Wonder Womyn says" That’s it. 'Im tired of the lying and cheating. You re going down!". WW hits Robin and the two begin to fight. Despite Robin’s best attempts WW dominates the fight, beating up Robin. After several minutes WW decides to try and end the fight once and for all. They go back and forth putting each other in various holds, scissors, punches and KO's. Robin even ties WW up after another KO. Does Wonder Womyn prevail or does Robin command WW to join her in her evil crime spree? Watch this video and find out.

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