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HP-499 Wonder Womyn vs The Bad Cop

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Description of HP-499 Wonder Womyn Bad Cop:

A female Cop (Dianna Knight dressed in a white blouse, blue jeans and a shoulder holster for her gun) has gone bad and has a plan to get back at Wonder Womyn (Hollywood). First, she must sucker Wonder Womyn into her trap. This she does by calling our unsuspecting super heroine and asking for her help in capturing a bank robber. Of course, Wonder Womyn readily agrees and meets the Cop at the bank. The Cop tells Wonder Womyn the robber has locked himself in the bank vault. She asks Wonder Womyn to break down the vault door. At first Wonder Womyn refuses saying they should wait for the police but the Bad Cop convinces her otherwise. When Wonder Womyn breaks down the door, quite easily I might add, there is no robber in the vault. Instead the surprise is on Wonder Womyn as the Cop slams her several times in the back of the head, knocking her out. When she comes to, she finds her self bound by her magic lasso. The Cop asks her how to render her helpless and Wonder Womyn is forced by the magic lasso to tell her about her magic belt. The Cop then sends her back into dreamland with a magic rag. This time the Cop has set up an internet feed with a camera. She wants everyone to see the "Destruction of Wonder Womyn." She slaps Wonder Womyn in the face waking her up but before Wonder Womyn can do anything, the Cop removes her belt and then unties her. The Cop pulls Wonder Womyn up by the hair and sends her against the wall with a right cross. After several body punches and a choke hold, the Cop throws Wonder Womyn to the floor. There she peppers the gorgeous super heroine with more body punches, and stretches her out. applies a leg scissors around Wonder Womyn's tight waist along with another choke hold. By now Wonder Womyn is feeling really weak and is moaning loudly. Once again the Cop knocks Wonder Womyn out with the magic cloth. This time when the Cop wakes Wonder Womyn she tosses her around like a rag doll. She twists the poor girl's arm behind her back and bounces her off the wall. She rakes her finger nails across Wonder Womyn's beautiful face. She even grabs Wonder Womyn's mid section. She removes her boots and later even removes her arm bracelets. The Cop shows her knowledge of wrestling by placing Wonder Womyn in the Boston Crab and surfboard holds almost pulling her arms out of there sockets. All the time the Cop is making sure her audience can not only see her torturing Wonder Womyn but can hear her moaning. After losing consciousness several times, her belt, her boots and her arm bracelets, does Wonder Womyn even have a chance? Hollywood looks super sexy in the tight Wonder Womyn outfit and even sexier taking a beating in this video. She flops around like a super gorgeous rag doll, moaning beautifully all the while. It will be tough for her to come back. Dianna plays a terrific "Bad Cop." This is a great video for Superheroine fans!

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