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hhhhHP-762 SuperGryl vs Bizarro SuperGryl




TITLE: Supergryl vs Bizarro SuperGryl Complete Video COST: $18 ~ 18 MINUTES




Description of HP-762:

SuperGryl played by "Hollywood"gets a text by Lex Luther
"he says he has modified a clone just like her, just as powerful , but thinks more like him!" She decides to go check it out and see what he has up his sleeve's.. SuperGryl enters the lair and finds the clone played by "Michelle Collier" in a trance like pose, standing in the middle of the room wearing her old SuperGryl costume. Our lovely superheroine thinks it may be a trap. But just as she turns see if anyone has followed her she is choked out by this copycat. She tries to fight it but goes limp. The duplicate doll delivers a mean uppercut that keeps SuperGryl woozy but not out. From there the Double punches and kicks SuperGryl. She pushes SuperGryl's head back so she has a clean shot at her chin, and delivers a strong knee to the chin. SuperGryl goes straight back and is out! The clone circles her and says "so you were supposed to be a match for me?" SuperGryl starts to stir but the clone grabs her and lifts her to her feet and starts punishing her. SuperGryl takes several hard blows , she looks like she's going to go down again but fights back! These two go back-and-forth. Finally the imposter gets her way with a long chokehold that keeps Supergryl out. Bizarro SuperGryl handcuffs the super-heroine then removes her boots and ties her ankles.... She makes a phone call and leaves the unconscious bound superheroine... To be continued...


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