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HP-690 Give & Take: The Best of Wonder Womyn Volume I




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TITLE: Give & Take: The Best of WW Volume I - Breathless Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-690:

Action so intense, it’ll leave you ‘Breathless’! This initial installment in the “Give & Take” series — an exciting, newly edited “Best Of…” offering starring wrestling sensation Hollywood — shines the perilous spotlight on her pulse-pounding portrayal of the super-iconic, super-heroic ‘Wonder Womyn’ as she battles through a barbarous barrage of lethal chokes, sleepers, squeezes, and malicious maneuvers — deftly applied by her remorseless rogue’s gallery — designed to test the limits of the Amazing Amazon’s strength, stamina, grit, and determination to the breaking point — and beyond! Cringe as WW writhes in agony, victim to a seemingly endless array of constricting strangleholds! Recoil in horror as our heroine struggles to break the vicious vice-grip of salacious sleepers! Gasp as she’s garroted by her own Magic Lasso! Pray for her release from the crushing torments the Maiden of Might is forced to endure — and persevere — in this grievous gauntlet!


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