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HP-464 Den Of The Spider Queen: Silk Stalkings

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Description of "Den Of The Spider Queen:Silk Stalkings":

Lead by an anonymous tip, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) finds herself slinking about one of the safehouses of the nefarious Black Widow. Stealthily entering the premises, our amazing Amazon prowls around the rooms and corridors seeking the whereabouts of the wicked web-mistress — who’s nowhere to be found. But, her careful scrutiny uncovers something even more appealing: The Scarab of Arachne! Fishing the sinister Spider Queen’s prized relic from its casing, WW is immediately captivated by its dazzling brilliance— an aspect of the accursed gem that goes unnoticed by our enchanted heroine —not so of its massive, eight-legged guardian which looms menacingly overhead! In a flurry of motion, the giant spider seizes WW, quickly latching itself around her in a powerful vice-grip! But, this is no mere fly caught in the throes of a spider’s web — this is a true warrior-born, with mythical might and courage primed to take on all challengers… even those with poison-dripping fangs and flesh-rending claws! It’s Amazon against Arachnid in a battle of unwavering strength, fury, and determination versus vicious, unrelenting, primeval terror! Though the outcome is unclear, there is one certainty — to the victor go the spoils… and death to the fallen!


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