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HP-560 Wonder Womyn in "The Trap"



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Description of HP-560:

We see Wonder Womyn talking to the commissioner on her cell heading into a house, as she searches for documents, a strage gas is leaking out, she screams its "A Trap" and is soon ko'd she struggles to her feet to get out but is gassed again, she screams NO, NO but is too weak to do anything about it, As she is asleep, someone is taking off her boot, she wakes up and notices her boot is missing... while searching for her footwear she is sprayed again, she says "you wont get away with it, you will go to jail" before she is out again. Her second boot is removed, she wakes to find it removed and is gassed again, she tries to reach for her phone but quickly passes out. Her magic belt and lasso are now removed along with her cuffs...when she re awakes she is powerless, she knows someone is playing a very dirty trick on her. She is once again sprayed but this time it is Laughing gas. Wonder Womyn calls the commish but he thinks she is playing a joke on him and he hangs up on her she struggles to stay awake but loses consciousness once more. Wonder Womyn is lifted over the villians shoulder and carried away...leaving only her boots accessories, top and bottom...


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