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HP-393 Wonder Womyn vs

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Crazy Cowgirls:

Wonder Womyn gets a call of help from Masked Avenger ( Nicole O )  Seems the Masked Avenger is in a heap of trouble down in Texas and needs the cavalry.  Wonder Womyn gets in her invisible plane and heads to Texas to help her friend.  She enters the ring and sees the Avenger tied up to a ring post and begins to remove the ropes, only to be quickly confronted by Strong Hand Sally and Calamity Jane.  Sally quickly removes Wonder Womyn’s belt.  Sally and Jane proceed to tie Wonder Womyn  up in her own lasso along with their own cowgirl lassos.  Sally removes Wonder Womyn’s magic headband and forces it into our superheroine’s mouth.   Jane then takes a burlap sack and places it over Wonder Womyn’s head.   Sally then takes Wonder Womyn’s belt and places it around the super heroine’s neck.   The Amazon is helpless, blind and bound.  Jane and Sally take turns at punching Wonder Womyn in the stomach before finally pistol whipping her unconscious. Wonder Womyn and Masked Avenger wake up, only to find their hands bound behind their backs.  Seems Jane and Sally have removed Wonder Womyn’s pantyhose and have special plans for both her and the Avenger.  They cut the panty hose in two and place them completely over both Wonder Womyn and Avenger.   Both super heroines stumble around, bound by Wonder Womyn’s own pantyhose, completely helpless to their own plight.  Jane and Sally decide to have a little more fun and rope both Wonder Womyn and Avenger’s feet together, then drag them around the ring.  If that’s not enough, Jane and Sally decide to have a hootenanny, smearing lipstick over our heroine’s faces, then making them dance while Jane and Sally shoot at their feet.  Jane and Sally decide that even THIS is not enough and throw rattle snakes at the feet of our super heroines.  Wonder Womyn and Masked Avenger bounce around, before finally falling to the ground, where Jane and Sally face smother our bound heroines Wonder Womyn awakens, only to find her feet tied to the ring post, Sally pulling her arms and Jane sitting on her back, riding her like a horse using Wonder Womyn’s OWN LEOTARD as a saddle.  Buck as Wonder Womyn may, she cannot get Jane off.  Jane and Sally switch places, only this time, Sally puts Wonder Womyn in a brutal back breaker and Jane AGAIN rides Wonder Womyn, spanking her unmercifully.   Broken like a horse, feet tied to the ring post, Wonder Womyn can do nothing as Sally then puts her in a variety of choke holds and Jane squirts her with liquid knock out gas.   After Wonder Womyn’s hands are tied to the other ring post, Jane and Sally take turns standing over her and smothering our helpless heroine’s face and breasts with their stinky feet.  At one point, Wonder Womyn is forced to even lick Sally’s feet.  Jane and Sally take the Avenger and put her in a couple of brutal holds before putting a horse bit in her mouth, riding her like a horse and STAMPEDING her over an unconscious Wonder Womyn.    Avenger is then quickly KO'd out with a tainted cloth. Wonder Womyn and the Avenger wake up with their hands tied behind their backs, pleading for mercy.   Jane and Sally pull out the water pistols filled with knock out gas and squirt our heroines relentlessly.  The Avenger goes out quickly.  The Amazon refuses to go out so easily, a mistake on her part.  Jane and Sally continue to squirt her face and breasts.  Sally puts Wonder Womyn in a another torturous choke hold and Jane continues to douse the Amazon.  Somehow, Wonder Womyn remains standing until Jane and Sally take the contaminated bucket and dump it over her head.  Soaked in the poison, thats poured over her head, Wonder Womyn is then introduced to a move by Jane and Sally that’s unique to the Texas….”bush whacking”.    We’ll let your imaginations run wild on this one. Needless to say, it ends in Wonder Womyn getting knocked out. Wonder Womyn and Avenger awaken again to find themselves in donkey masks and being ridden by Jane and Sally.  Treated like asses, spanked in the asses, our heroines can do nothing.  Jane and Sally command them to act and speak like burrows, then hogtie both our heroines and give them a special branding.   It looks like Wonder Womyn and Avenger have been corralled into these Crazy Cowgirl’s stable, but the Cowgirls have one more surprise for a defeated Wonder Womyn.  They have some poetic pie eating revenge to extract for their friends The Evil Clowns.

Wonder Womyn is beaten, she’s at the Cowgirls complete mercy, will it get any worse for our heroine?


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