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HP-680 Wonder Womyn vs The Sheriff




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Description of HP-680:

Hollywood is in her full Wonder Womyn costume and is resting on her couch when she hears without warning somebody coming up her stairs. It is the sheriff played by (Goldie ) she has heard there's a new crimefighter in town and came to check it out herself. She is upset since she is the one that takes care of the neighborhood and if there's any crime or crooks to be caught the sheriff will do just that! The sheriff does not want to hear that Wonder Womym will be solving crimes in her town. Wonder Womyn replies and says she has never had any problems before , her mission is to stop crime and she's not going to give that up just because the sheriff won't cooperate.  The sheriff says I think I need to show you who's boss. Wonder Womyn and the sheriff start a fight this is a tough fight and our superheroine comes close to a defeat at least twice , but she rallies and manages to defeat the sheriff.. Wonder Womyn chokes the sheriff to unconsciousness and then uses her lasso to tie the sheriff to a chair then leaves . The sheriff manages to untie herself, Wonder Womyn walks back into the room and the fight is on again but this time Wonder Womyn is defeated and the Sheriff uses Wonder Womyn's lasso to choke her unconscious and then ties Wonder Womyn up to the same chair. She wraps the lasso around Wonder Womyn and wants to know what the secret is to her superpowers... The sheriff beats up the bound super heroine until she passes out. Once Wonder Womyn wakes up there is another brutal fight between the two crimestoppers. Which one of these crimestoppers is going to jail? Get this hot clip and find out!


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