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HP-481 Revenge of The Naughty Nurse

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Description of Revenge of The Naughty Nurse:

Wonder Womyn has defeated the Naughty Nurse (played by Robin) and is trying to call the police to come and get her. But not so fast, it seems the Naughty Nurse is definitely Naughty and is faking unconsciousness. (Robin never looked hotter than she does in a tiny black bikini, black boots and a white lab coat, always worn open showing her tight abs.) While Wonder Womyn concentrates on her call, the Naughty Nurse grabs a tainted rag and sneaks up on the gorgeous super heroine and knocks her out. While Wonder Womyn is helpless, the Naughty Nurse removes her bracelets, belt, lasso and boots. When Wonder Womyn wakes up, she is definitely weak without her belt. After a few ineffective punches, the Naughty Nurse throws Wonder Womyn to the floor. She then places her in a camel
clutch and a few other torturous holds (calling her an annoying little gnat) before a leg scissor around the neck sends Wonder Womyn back to dreamland. After regaining her senses, Wonder Womyn attempts to wrap her legs around the Naughty Nurses neck but this only results in more painful holds for our favorite super heroine including what the Naughty Nurse refers to as her "specialty" that is "body probes". A few body punches, some face sitting, and a left and a right punch to the jaw, sends Wonder Womyn slumping down the front door to the floor. More leg scissors around the neck and some stomach stumps knocks Wonder Womyn out again. This time, upon waking up, Wonder Womyn grabs a syringe she sees but is too weak to use it After a brief struggle, in which Wonder Womyn again falls victim to more torture (leg scissors, stomach claws, breast claws) and the Naughty Nurse again uses the tainted rag. This time the Naughty Nurse attempts to tie Wonder Womyn's legs together. But Wonder Womyn wakes up in time and smacks the Naughty Nurse in the back. After some more struggling, in which the weakened Wonder Womyn is no match for the Naughty Nurse, she finds her perfect waist in a tight leg scissors with the Naughty Nurse holding the syringe to her straining neck. Will the Naughty Nurse be able to use the syringe on our heroine? Just what is in the syringe? (It belongs to the Naughty Nurse.) Will Wonder Womyn prevail or become another victim of the Naughty Nurse's experiments? Robin never looked better than in the lab coat with her stomach showing a little here and a lot there (it adds a little mystery). And, of course, no one takes a beating better than Hollywood.

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