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HP-422 Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman Part 3

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman Part 3:

Ordinary Woman is at it again! This time she is hell bet on defeating our gorgeous superheroine, and she will use any means to accomplish the task!!! Even if that means an extra potent dose of a sinister "equalizer" drug. Although she gets the jump on Wonder Womyn, our superheroine is smart enough to call the commissioner to find out why Ordinary Woman seems to have so much more strength this time.

But Wonder Womyn is prepared for the sexy little vixen, as she discovers the syringe that beholds Ordinary Woman's new super strength. After Wonder Womyn disposes of the devious fluid, she finds Ordinary Woman and pounces on the evil villainess. Without her enhancing potion, Ordinary Woman is no match for our beauty, and immediately finds herself in trouble and at the mercy of Wonder Womyn!

But can it be that Ordinary Woman is playing possum all whilst she receives a severe beating from Wonder Womyn? Could it be that she is merely waiting for the drugs to kick in? Will Wonder Womyn have the wherewithall to withstand a much more powerful foe? Get this exciting video and find out!!!



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