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HP-531 Life's a Gasser

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Description of HP-531 Life's a Gasser:

We see the evil villainess Fran at a location, adjusting her gloves, talking about how she's discovered the perfect way to capture Wonder Womyn. Wonder Womyn enters the scene, confronting Fran, telling her she's putting a stop to Fran's evil ways.
Fran smiles, telling Wonder Womyn she has a surprise for her. Fran holds a painters mask over her own nose/mouth, and with her free hand, uses a remote control to turn on the gas. With the tell-tale "hiss" sound, gas begins to fill the room, as Wonder Womyn struggles to escape, falling to her knees, trying to crawl away. Francesca laughs at the pathetic Wonder Womyn as she passes out face down. Francesca removes Wonder Womyn's magic belt so she is poweless. She turns on the gas again. Next Francesca takes Wonder Womyn's boots off and does a little foot worship and tickle. She proceeds to turn on laughing gas then the KO gas, Wonder Womyn is again out, When Wonder Womyn slowly wakes, she tries desperately to crawl to the front door. The evil beauty drags her back and turns the gas back on....
Get this video and see if Wonder Womyn turns the table on our sexy heel or if she is left in peril!!!...

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