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HP-574 Wonder Womyn vs The Stunner

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Description of HP-574 Wonder Womyn vs The Stunner:

The Stunner (played by Diana Knight) receives a package from Lexi Luthor , its a device that is designed to absorb Wonder Womyns power. she puts on the leather gloves and hides the device in her hand.
WW has been warned about a character named the stunner whom she is to arrest.
She walks into the stunners liar and is confronted by the beautiful creature, the stunner
cold cocks WW and they begin to fight back and forth... Unbeknownst to WW the villian is trying to absorb power from Wonder Womyns belt by placing her hand around the belt when she can.. The Stunner asks WW of one last request ....if she could give WW her best belly punch! she agrees, when she does this our superheroine goes down hard...she struggles to get up but the stunner has another surprise in store its a tainted cloth that puts her to sleep. The stunner than takes all of WW powers while she is out... then takes off all of ww accessories and her power belt! , WW wakes up and they fight again..but this time Wonder womyn is too weak to fight she has been drained of her powers . The stunner upper cuts WW with a vicious punch to her head that Ko's her... Get this hot vid to see if our superheroine gets her final revenge!!

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