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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Wedgie Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 8 MINUTES

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Wedgie Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~ 8 MINUTES

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Wedgie Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 15:55 MINUTES

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Description of HP-838:

The camera opens on Robin dressed as dark avenger, barefoot in a sexy black two piece, she is soon joined by a barefoot Hollywood dressed as Wonder Womyn in her sexy old school one piece costume.  Our superheroine states that she is going to show the villian some moves today, which leads to a war of words between the two grapplers.  Robin strikes a quick and dirty move by giving WW a wedgie.  Wonder Womyn cries out in pain and pulls away.  It doesn't get much better for poor WW from there.  The villian continues to put her in painful wedgie after painful wedgie.  Don't worry, it's not all wedgies that the Dark Avenger delivers to our poor struggling superheroine, there are plenty of leg scissors, belly punching, head locks, chin locks, name calling, spanking, hand over mouth smothers, and much, much more.  WW eventually loses her magic belt and things really get bad as the Dark Avenger front hogties the helpless lass and gives her even more wedgie torture!  WW pleads for mercy, but does she receive mercy or is she embarrassed even more?  Get this HOT video and find out!!




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