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HP-049 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Swordsman


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Swordsman:

A terrified beautiful woman is cowering in a wrestling ring, terrorized by an evil swordsman. Things look really bad for her when suddenly, the world's mightiest and sexiest Super heroine arrives. Wonder Womyn turns to him and asks confidently: Care to pick on someone who can actually defend herself?" The Evil Swordsman turns and begins menacing her with his weapons. A mere mortal woman would have been terrified at the sight of this trained and skilled warrior swinging his weapons around, but Wonder Womyn is no mere mortal and is certainly not impressed. On the verge of boredom, she watches as he gets all worked up. At the moment of truth, he goes in for the kill only to be met by a solid kick to his privates. The Mighty Wonder Womyn does not suffer fools easily. Incapacitated by the kick, the Evil Swordsman is no match for the powerful heroine who wipes the mat up with him before putting him out with a sleeper hold. She reaches down and grabs his weapon only to discover that it is booby-trapped. Thousands of volts of electricity surge through our heroine's body, leaving her thoroughly depleted.

The Evil Swordsman gets back to his feet and seeks his revenge. The tables have now turned and our mighty heroine is unable to fend off her attacker. Things become even worse when the Evil Swordsman is able to remove her magic power belt. She is now completely overmatched and takes the beating of a lifetime. The Evil Swordsman pounds her and pounds her and pounds her again until she finds herself on her back on the mat, apparently helpless. The Evil Swordsman stands over the fallen heroine, sword in hand, ready to make the final deadly plunge. Could this be it? Could this be the end of our beloved heroine?



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