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HP-371 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Harbinger

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Harbinger:


> ~ Wonder Womyn Vs. The Dream Harbinger [HP-371] ~

> "How does one kill fear, I wonder? How do you shoot a
> specter through the heart,
> slash off its spectral head, take it by the spectral
> throat?"
> ~ Joseph Conrad ~

> Fear stalks the streets of suburbia in the guise of the
> devious Dream Harbinger (Raquel)! This cagey cat-burglar has
> a master plan — one that doesn’t include the meddling
> antics of Wonder Womyn (Hollywood). Taking matters into her
> own hands — literally — Dream Harbinger tracks our
> intrepid heroine to one of her “secret” sanctums with a
> singular, sinister purpose: to take Wonder Womyn out of play
> — permanently — with a one-way ticket to Slumberland!

> Upon receiving an urgent call pertaining to the Dream
> Harbinger, Wonder Womyn takes little heed to The
> Commissioner’s forewarning — a decision that ultimately
> proves her undoing. Oblivious to the intruder already in her
> midst, WW nestles down for a cat-nap, even as the stealthy
> Dream Harbinger slinks towards her, primed with a
> chloroform-doused cloth in-hand. But, Wonder Womyn’s keen
> instincts alert her to the looming threat, and she springs
> to action, quickly confronting this new, deadly nemesis —
> an enemy as cunning and deceptive as she is immensely
> skilled in a myriad of submission-style, martial arts
> tactics! A vicious brawl ensues, each woman testing the
> physical limits of their embattled opponent through a
> devastating array of fighting prowess, furious fisticuffs,
> grueling grapples, and breathtaking submission holds.
> However, something is terribly amiss, as Wonder Womyn soon
> discovers, to her utter dismay — she’s been drugged!

> A victim of foul play, awash in a dizzying haze, the female
> fury struggles vainly to fend off both her unrelenting
> antagonist and the intoxicating effects of her drug-induced
> state. Yet, even an Amazon has her limitations, and, soon,
> Wonder Womyn succumbs to her assailant’s treachery. Now,
> with WW indisposed, the salacious swindler can go about her
> crime spree, unfettered… but, the fun’s just begun for
> our incapacitated heroine, as she ultimately falls prey to
> Dream Harbinger’s sadistic whims!



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