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HP-557 Dark Angel & The Golden Avenger vs The Spy




TITLE: Dark Angel & The Golden Avenger vs The Spy Complete Video COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-557:

Dark Angel (Hollywood wearing her Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, tiny black shorts and black boots with her gun belt and gun) and The Golden Avenger (Robin wearing her tiny gold bikini, gloves and boots) enter a house searching for some secret papers. Both girls look fantastic. Dark Angel is in the lead with her gun held high. They kneel behind a table as they discuss what to do next. Dark Angel rises and heads out to look around when she is brought down by a tranquilizer dart. The Golden Avenger rushes to her side, grabs the gun and stands up. But she also is quickly brought down by a dart. Two terrific looking bodies lying helplessly side by side on the floor. The Spy enters and ties Dark Angel's hands together above her head. This gives The Golden Avenger time to awake, grab the gun and attack The Spy. But she is too weak from the dart and The Spy is able to grab her and pin her to the floor. He then lifts her up and, with a series of right and left punches, knocks her out on the sofa. He decides to tie her to a chair and force her to talk. The Golden Avenger comes up with an idea, "Untie me and I will find the papers for you." The Spy falls for it, unties her, and she finds the papers. When Dark Angel wakes up, he quickly disappears, leaving the dazed super heroine thinking The Golden Avenger has turned traitor. Before Dark Angel can find her gun and deal with the traitor, she is shot with another tranquilizer dart and down she goes. This time The Golden Avenger puts up a better battle, managing to place The Spy in her leg scissors and sprays him with body punches. Dark Angel makes for a wonderful piece of background eye candy as she lies helpless in the background. But once again, The Spy prevails and leaves The Golden Avenger out on the sofa. This time it is Dark Angel's turn to battle The Spy. Can she fair better than The Golden Avenger? Or will she end up another victim of The Spy? Both girls know how to wrestle but darts leave them easy prey for The Spy. Can they get it together in time to defeat The Spy and recover the secret papers? Either way, they never looked better!!!


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