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HP-055 Wonder Womyn vs The Black Widow


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Black Widow:

The commissioner sends Wonder Womyn on yet another daring mission. This time she's sent right into the twisted web of the lovely, but deadly Black Widow! The Black Widow is ready though, almost as though she knew that Wonder Womyn would show up. However, Hollywood shows up not ready to be ambushed, and has not assumed her superheroine role. This is more than any evil villainess could hope for! The Black Widow attacks her from behind, and attempts to put her out with chemicals!

Hollywood is surprised and has not yet transformed into Wonder Womyn. Though she lacks her Wonder Womyn powers, she puts up a fairly good fight against the supervixen Black Widow. Hollywood has to battle furiously to get free from the Black Widow's web, so she can make the transformation into Wonder Womyn and regain her suprheroine powers.

The hot bodied Black Widow is overwhelming in her attack, so can Hollywood even make her transformation? Obviously the photos here reveal that, but they also tell a tale of destruction! How will Wonder Womyn fair against this evil lady? Will she be k.o.ed into oblivion and destroyed by the evil (but sexy) Black Widow?

Wonder Womyn is in for a rough battle, no matter how it ends. So watch this wild battle unfold, and catch every second of this one as our lovely superheroine struggles against evil!


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