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hhhhHP-Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit II



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit Part 3 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES





Description of HP-364:

The Bikini Bandit picks up where she left off with an unconscious Wonder Womyn. She ties her up and takes pictures of her defeated victim. Wonder Womyn is out for hours and the Bikini Bandit admires her pictures, anxious to show them off. The ever so sexy Kristiana shows up and the duo enjoy the pictures of our hapless superheroine. More time passes and Wonder Womyn finally regains consciousness and frees herself. Wonder Womyn calls the commissioner and requests further info as she is determined to catch the Bikini Bandit and bring her to justice.
Meanwhile, the Bikini Bandit shows Kristiana that she still has Wonder Womyn's magic belt. When she returns to check on Wonder Womyn, the battle for the belt is on!!! The two mighty vixens exchange blows and clamp tight holds upon one another as they each try to get one up on their foe. Wonder Womyn begins to take control and punishes the Bikini Bandit for her wrongdoings. Wonder Womyn chokes a weakened Bikini Bandit, and takes control. The Bikini Bandit moans in pain as Wonder Womyn works her belly over with vicious blows. Scissors sap the life out of a reeling Bandit as Wonder Womyn is intent on bringing her to justice. But typical of the evildoers, they travel in pairs and soon The lithe and sexy Kristiana appears and ambushes our gorgeous Superheroine to once again turn the tables over to the Dark Side. A hard blow to the head and now it is Wonder Womyn in peril as she is k.o.ed by a magic cloth and restrained.
Now the two evil doers go to work on Wonder Womyn with reckless abandon. Our beautiful protector of Good gets showered with body punches and kicks, stretched beyond reasonable limits, and tiwsted without remorse. Still, our gorgeous good gal fights back valiantly against the odds and in spite of the brutality she faces. Wonder Womyn gets worked over further, then the dastardly duo drags her to the bathroom where she is almost drowned. The two then carry Wonder Womyn outside and transport her to another location.
Wonder Womyn is spared nothing as the two go to town and work her over mercilessly. Wonder Womyn's perfect abs are pummeled with punches and clawed.  As she begs for mercy the two vixens continue to pour it on and absolutely devastate our favorite superbabe. Ultimately, Wonder Womyn is rendered unconscious with an enhanced mask of sorts and restrained. Kristiana makes a call to a villain known simply as Cheetah, disclosing she is leaving her victim as something to play with. Will Wonder Womyn escape in time? And whom is the Cheetah? Get this exciting video and follow the path that got our sexy superheroine in the predicament of her life!!!



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