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HP-385 Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida

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Video is approx. 10 minutes long , 52MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Princess Formicida:

Hollywood enters her kitchen only to find a mystery guest awaiting her.  It’s Princess Formicida and she’s on Earth to take Wonder Womyn back to her planet’s museum.  She forces Hollywood to spin into Wonder Womyn.  Wonder Womyn thinks she can match the Princess’ powers, but she is sadly mistaken.  Wonder Womyn has NO idea what’s in store for her.  The Princess brings in one of her slaves, Mantis to capture Wonder Womyn.  Wonder Womyn’s is rendered completely helpless with a special netting device unlike anything she’s experienced before. Wonder Womyn’s belt is also removed and she is quickly put out.


Wonder Womyn awakens in the next room wearing a red gimp mask.  Unable to remove it, she discovers from the Princess that this evil device forces the wearer to tell the Princess everything that will cause them the most pain.  The mask also makes Wonder Womyn’s special powers completely useless.  With the help of Mantis, Wonder Womyn puts herself through the a special kind of torture: camel clutches, surfboard holds, bow and arrows, various choke holds, back breakers, even one of the most feared of holds, the scissored matchbook pin.  Wonder Womyn even removes her own belt and gives it to Mantis and ASKS to be choked with it. 


The Princess is just starting with Wonder Womyn as she then ties her up with her own lasso and shocks her to oblivion with a special glowing wand.  The Princess then toys with her newfound pet as she releases Wonder Womyn momentarily only to throw a new over her.  The Princess and Mantis then bandy Wonder Womyn about like a trapped animal.  Finally, the Princess takes Wonder Womyn’s own lasso and forces her to do something that no enemy has ever thought of: reveal her worst fear.  Wonder Womyn, netted, lassoed, now at the complete mercy of the Princess, does just that.


The Princess is not done.  Wonder Womyn again awakens, this time fully shackled. Not content to beat the hell of Wonder Womyn, the Princess has one last order of business to take care of, Wonder Womyn’s mind.  The Princess forces the Amazon to her hands and knees and puts a strange crystal around her head.  The crystal it seems sucks the brains out of the victim.  Wonder Womyn is asked the most innocent and easiest of questions and struggles to find even the most basic of answers.   Again, the Princess takes great joy in embarrassing Earth’s greatest super heroine, only to finally put her out of her misery.


We’ve never seen Wonder Womyn is such a despondent state.  Has Wonder Womyn finally met her match or does she have ANY hope of coming out alive?



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