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HP-443 Wonder Womyn vs The Evil Trainer

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Description of :

HP-443 Wonder Womyn Vs The Evil Trainer
Wonder Womyn has heard rumors of a male wrestling trainer who has been injuring his clients all over town, and she’s going to put a stop to it!  Finding the trainer already on the mat, Wonder Womyn confronts him, demanding he stop his evil ways.  The evil trainer appears to agree to stop being so rough with his clients, and Wonder Womyn thinks her job is done and turns to leave.  The evil trainer grasps the opportunity and attacks Wonde Womyn from behind with a sleeper hold, knocking Wonder Womyn completely out!  Removing Wonder Womyn’s magic belt and boots, the evil trainer plans on inflicting some major pain on the gorgeous super heroine!  Waking Wonder Womyn up, the evil trainer goes about putting Wonder Womyn into a multitude of wrestling holds, all under the guise of “training” Wonder Womyn, but really with the intention of hurting her..

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