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HP-444 Wonder Womyn in "Last Wish"

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Description of :

HP-444 Wonder Womyn In "Last Wish"
WW learns that a dying woman's (Goldie) last wish is to meet her hero WW, so doing her civic duty, WW agrees to meet her.  Of course, it's all a setup, as Goldie is in fact an evil villain bent on destroying WW. Goldie is lying on the couch resting (appearing weak/sick) when WW arrives.  WW tries to cheer up Goldie, who asks WW to take off her boots and relax and stay a while.  As WW is removing her boots, Goldie asks WW is she could possibly take a look at WW's belt.  WW is reluctant to take it off, but does so because she wants to be nice to Goldie.  Upon taking it off, Goldie transforms from the sickly/meek woman lying on the couch to a more aggressive personality, using the belt to choke and knockout WW!  With WW lying knocked out, she proceeds to wrestle and fight with WW, explaining that this was all a setup so that she could capture and defeat WW.

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