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hhhhHP-823 Don't Touch That Dial




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TITLE: Don't Touch That Dial Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~7 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: Don't Touch That Dial Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~7 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: Don't Touch That Dial Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 15:03 MINUTES

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Description of HP-823:

Wonder Womyn enters the lair of the Mad Scientist looking as sexy as ever!  She talks to the commissioner on the phone and tells him that she will check out the lair and turn on the news for more info on the Villanova.

 WW sits on the bed and turns on the TV.  She begins to get a strange feeling as she is watching the TV.  A strange voice commands her to remove her power belt, WW in a trance like state replies, "Yes, Master" and complies.  WW is then commanded to remove her bracelets then her boots and she willingly complies with all the commands.  WW is then ordered to rub her feet and she again willingly complies.  WW is ordered to remove her costume and put on a bikini.  She is then told to continue to watch the TV and eat fruit and snacks slowly....

After she is done eating WW is commanded to taint a cloth and knock herself out, does she comply??  Does WW break free of the trance or does she now serve the Mad Scientist?  Check out this HOT video to find out!!




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