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HP-512 Wonder Womyn in "Evil Games" Part 2

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Description of HP-512 Wonder Womyn in "Evil Games" Part 2:

In this direct sequel to "Evil Games" [HP-501], Wonder Womyn (portrayed by Hollywood donned in WW’s classic costume and sheer pantyhose) is lured to her hideaway by a mysterious caller. But, too late, she discovers, ‘twas but a ploy, as she quickly falls prey to the diabolical scheme of the mischievous menace, Serpentyna (Goldie), and her deranged accomplice, the Evil Chemist, in the form of sleeping gas! Succumbing to the fumes, our helpless heroine can only count sheep as she becomes a mere plaything to Serpentyna’s wicked ways, snatching WW’s vaunted belt right under her unconscious nose. And so goes this Evil Game of snake-and-mouse — our Amazing Amazon slowly stirring from her stupor, with barely enough time to discern what precious aspect of her costume the perpetrator has absconded with before she defiantly (yet vainly) yields to the vaporous assault! But, does Wonder Womyn have the strength and resolve to long endure this heinous violation, escape their sinister clutches, and beat the unbeatable odds?!

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