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Wonder Womyn vs Cat Woman


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Wonder Womyn enters Cat Woman’s lair, ready to take her down and bring her to justice.  Wonder Womyn thinks she has the upper hand on Cat Woman, but little does she know that she’s part of Cat Woman’s nefarious plan: the Cat’s Cradle.  Wonder Womyn puts a quick and short lived beat down on Cat Woman.  Within minutes, Wonder Womyn is captured and gassed by one of Cat Woman’s henchwomen, Tigra (Afrika).  Cat Woman and Tigra then proceed to tie Wonder Womyn in knots, with a combination of ropes and submission holds.  Wonder Womyn refuses to give up, but that only seals her fate.   Cat Woman again knocks her out and entangles her in more ropes, including tying Wonder Womyn up with her own outfit.  Wonder Womyn puts up a hell of a fight, but she cannot free herself from Cat Woman’s devious trap.  Cat Woman then proceeds to humiliate Wonder Woman, slowly stripping her of her outfit, drawing kitty paws on her chest and putting her in more ruthless holds.  The more Wonder Womyn fights, the more a tangle mess she becomes. Cat Womyn finally sprays Wonder Womyn with a special fear gas and our super heroine is now at Cat Woman’s complete mercy.  Tied up even further, her uniform ripped to shreds, Wonder Womyn is nothing more than a play thing for the twisted Cat Woman.  But Cat Woman doesn’t end there.  She takes a mad pleasure in completely ensnaring Wonder Womyn only to set her up for an embarrassment from which she may never recover. 


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