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hhhhHP-826 Wonder Womyn in "Highest Bidder Beatdown"




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TITLE: Highest Bidder Beatdown Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 11:53 MINUTES

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Description of HP-826:

Wonder Womyn staggers into the room having barely survived the bidding beatdown from HP-793.  She is wearing a tiny black and yellow bikini bottom, sexy lace top, and strappy black heels.  She sits down on the couch to rest, but is soon joined by a masked man.  As the struggling heroine protests about "no more beatings" the villain informs her that this is not a "bidding war" but in fact, she is to be beaten on live camera for the pleasure of the "highest bidder" from the auction!   The attack is on!  The poor, powerless super heroine is subjected to yet another one sided beating at the hands of this masked assailant.  He delivers tons of belly punching, choke holds, sleeper holds, the camel clutch, Boston Crab, an abdominal stretch, back breaker, and much, much more!  This onslaught is one for the ages as the masked villain really wipes the floor with the defeated hero.




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