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HP-336 Double Trouble


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Description of Double Trouble:

This is a tale of two Wonder Womyn that have been lured into a trap by the Villains of The City. They have been left a note that they are expected to remove any articles that provide them their special powers, and then they are to battle it out until only one remains. In the event they are unwilling, then a poisonous gas will be released and they will face their demise. The villains have also provided them with an assortment of evil devices to use upon one another in order to attain their goal.
Rather than team together, the two voluptuous vixens begin to argue as to whom it was that afforded them to be in such a diabolical situation. Then they play into the hands of their captors as they begin a long, hard battle of the superbabes!
At first the battle begins as a shoving match, then it escalates into an all out throwdown. Punches, kicks, throws, and chokes are employed as each beauty struggles to end the clash. As the battle heightens in intensity, they even resort to using the nasty implements left to them. Soon, our gorgeous gals find themselves unconscious.
Upon regaining their senses, the battle rages on with an even greater ferocity. Neither of these glamorous do-gooders shows any mercy, and the room is filled with moans of pain and cries of mercy. Relentless beatings are delivered, and vicious holds are employed, but the two curvaceous catfighters continue their debacle until once again losing consciousness.
But the war proceeds as scizzors, camel clutches, figure fours, chokes, ticking, and claws are used in an attempt to encourage survival of the fittest. In the midst of further accusations, it becomes apparent that this battle can only end if one of the combatants can prove superior. Will this continue until the Villains have their little fantasy? Will the Wonder Womyn come to their senses before destroying one another? And if so, what will become of the remaining superheroine? Get this fantastically plotted video and find out!!!




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